Embrio Donation
Embry transfer (ET) usually occurs forty eight to seventy two hours post retrieval. The time of transfer will be designated by the IVF staff. The embryo(s) that is (are) assessed to be developing normally will be considered for transfer. Although a recommendation (3-5 embryos) will be made regarding the number to transfer, the final decision resides with the couple and the doctor. Transferring multiple embryos may result in the growth of more than one foetus. If you have extra embryos after the transfer, they will be cryopreserved if they have demonstrated appropriate development.

The method used for transferring embryos is similar to that of the mock transfer. ET is performed by inserting a small catheter through the cervical opening into the uterine cavity. The embryo transfer is usually a painless procedure. There is a recommended rest period after the transfer. You will be given specific instruction prior to the transfer regarding your medications, future testing dates and activity restrictions.

Within 13 days post-transfer, hormonal levels and a pregnancy test will be done. If a pregnancy has occurred, further blood testing blood work and ultrasound will be required to assess normal progression.
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