Micro Injection
This method is also called Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI. This method which enables especially the men with sperm anomalies to have baby was first applied in 1992. For men with a very low or no chance for pregnancy as a result of previous Conventional IVF, Micro-injection method marked a new era.

In the past, the men with a number of sperms under 5 millions/mL in sperm analysis or with low quality sperms had a very low or no chance for having baby. After 1992, thousands of babies were born as a result of micro-injection.

The patients who will be applied ICSI and Conventional IVF undergo the same stages.

Conventional IVF and ICSI implementations are same in terms of ultrasound follow-up, oocyte pick-up and transfer operations.

The difference of ICSI is that the oocytes are combined with spermatozoa at laboratory stage with a different technique. In conventional IVF, each oocyte is combined with approximately 100,000 sperms but only one of them enters through outer membrane of oocyte on its own and fertilizes the oocyte. On the other hand, in Micro-Injection or ICSI, only one pre-determined sperm cell is injected into one oocyte by means of a needle. ICSI operation is performed with a device called micromanipulator.

Who Are Suitable for Micro-Injection?
  • The men with advanced sperm number, motility and morphology anomalies: ICSI should be applied instead of Conventional IVF to those with a number of sperms under 5 millions/mL.
  • The men with azoospermia; that is, with no sperms in sperm analysis: Sperm is obtained directly from testis or epididym with PESA/MESA/TESE/TESA or Micro TESE methods. ICSI can be used for mature sperms (spermatozoa) obtained in this way even if their number is low.
  • Pairs who experienced total fertilization failure previously with Conventional IVF method.
  • Pairs whose embryos will be applied pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.
  • In order to increase chance of pregnancy in some selected patients (pairs with low chance).
  • Today, ICSI is applied routinely to all patients having undergone IVF treatment in many centers.
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